Friday, August 27, 2010

"Howd'ya sleep, Jack?" "On me back, Mush."

School has started again.

(Yes, I will go back and tell you about Japan. And yes, I will also tell you about Carla's wedding).

But I'll tell you just quickly about some of the fun first day of school things.

Day 1, class 1.
I am talking through the syllabus, telling the students all the things they need to know and every time I look to the right side of the room a young man smiles.

Finally, I realized that his smile looks like Christian Bale.
Still of Christian Bale in Newsies

How distracting is that?

Day 2, different class.
I have the students introduce themselves by giving an adjective that starts with the first letter of their first name. In this class, I have a student use the adjective radiant.

I had to laugh, because while I was at Carla's wedding, my brother informed us that "radiant" is his compliment of choice. He bragged about getting all the ladies with it because they have never been called radiant before.

More disturbing, this actually played out during the reception.

Day 4.
I ask the students to tell me about themselves, so in fairness I let them ask about me. (I actually learned at our inservice that this is a good pedagogical strategy.)

Even more direct than usual, one girl demands, "Are you single?"
I said, "Yes." (Sometimes I think about saying no, but she surprised me into honesty).
She says, "Oh why? You're so cute."

You have to read that "Oh why" with the right inflection. This was a very sad and pitying "oh why."

I laughed, and said "Thank you." (For the you're cute). While thinking, probably because I'm picky.