Monday, November 30, 2009

You call washing dishes and sweeping floors a work of evil?

My newly acquired skill:

Laying hardwood floors.

Yes, I wish it was in my house. But I decided it would be better to go "help" a friend and learn how to do it.

I only thought that the help would be in quotation marks. Turns out I really was helpful.

Lessons Learned:
1. The first two rows are the hardest. Don't get frustrated.
2. It requires three people. Minimum. Four are better.
3. Don't let a biologist lay out the boards. They like patterns.
4. A table saw is a necessary piece of equipment. So are a hammer, mallet, tapping block.
5. The number one most important piece of equipment: Kneepads.

My friend said her lesson was hit the tapping block, not your hand. Fortunately, I just didn't pick up the mallet or hammer.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why, thank you. I'm getting to be a pretty big fan of yours, too.

Carla sent out a gratitude challenge for the past couple of years. During the month of November the challenge was to write 3 things you are thankful for every day. The real reason I enjoyed this was because I got to see what my sisters were up to. If you think about it, you quickly move past the big "I am thankful for my family" and get to the little daily things that happen.

She didn't send it out this year, and while I did see the facebook version, I just can't do those facebook things. (Yes, my students were shocked that I don't play farmville. But I just don't get it).

I've just been keeping a list, as part of the many things I write down before I go to bed. What surprised me this year, besides how much I have to be grateful for, is how much happens that I don't realize how grateful I should be until much much later.

I'll share some of my list with you.
I am grateful for the energy to get up early this morning. I'm grateful for the chance to eat lunch with my colleagues. I'm grateful for the money that I have that makes it easy to pay the bills and go grocery shopping. I am grateful for the answers to prayers, I prayed for help with my students and received help. I'm grateful for Lavon, and that she stood outside and listened to my day. I am grateful for my students, yes, all of them. I am grateful for another sunshine-y day. I am grateful for the blessings that I don't recognize until months later, when I find out how wrong things can go. I'm grateful for Becky. I am grateful that I can say it will be a good day, and then it is. I am grateful that I got all my grading done. I'm grateful that Dee got into her house. I am grateful for Kathy and a fun lunch and her willingness to share her family. I am grateful for absolutely gorgeous weather. I am grateful for good tasting food. I am grateful for errands and chores that I was able to get done. I'm grateful for silly movies. I am grateful that my coworkers are on board with portfolios. I am grateful for clean dishes. I am grateful for cute clothes. I am grateful for tasty lettuce. I am grateful for Heather. I am for peaceful places. I am grateful for dinner with Lavon. I am grateful for good students. I am grateful for Julianne. I am grateful for improvement. I am grateful for less stress. I am grateful for a hugely successful party. I am grateful for my job. I am grateful for a good morning's work. I am grateful for a day to take time for myself. I am grateful that Sherilyn let me help her. I am grateful for changes. I am grateful for my mom. I'm grateful that I can run. I am grateful for target. I am grateful for my garage. I am grateful for yogurt. I'm grateful for kind co-workers. I'm grateful for Eric, my officemate. I'm grateful that I can pray about anything. I am grateful that I don't have friends that are making me watch Twilight. I am grateful that I am happy with my life. I am grateful for a washer and dryer. I am grateful for a beautiful day. I am grateful that my prayers about big things and little things are answered. I am grateful that I went out tonight. I am grateful for friends. I'm grateful for a calm Saturday.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow!

Monday morning we had our first snow of the season.

I was excited.

The real reason I was excited? I have a garage. I got in my car and drove off without any scraping, brushing, spraying, or just running the car.

Life is good.

PS. Obviously you should read the title of this post and hear it singing in your head like Bing Crosby and the others on "White Christmas."

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Go easy on the cologne, LeBeau. You're easy to track.

Favorite student writing of the week:
"And the smell of his cologne was like a fresh breeze on a summer day."

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh Miss Elphaba

For Halloween, I went to a party dressed as Elphaba.

Yeah, that means I wound up having to tell people that I was the wicked witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz.

Best costume at the party: Wolverine.