Sunday, May 30, 2010

So you're saying music is the motive?

Heather and I took a road trip to Savannah, Georgia this week. I'll post a lot of pictures later.

One of the attractions was a variety show called Southern Nights. They sang and played a bunch of different songs. Of course they paid tribute to Georgia with "Georgia on my mind" and "Midnight train to Georgia." It was a lot of fun.

They also paid tribute to Hollywood. The MC said that so many movies have been filmed in Savannah (including Forest Gump) that it was only appropriate. They chose songs that played significant parts in movies.

They included:
Staying Alive


Risky Business

And others.

After listening to all of these, I was surprised that all the movies were quite old. (Risky Business was 1983 in case you were wondering). So I asked the question what songs would you include if you were to update this segment of the show?

My mom said that movies are totally different now and music and movies are treated differently so the songs are not the pop culture events that they once were. There are not songs that are featured in movies that are then forever associated with the movie.

We could think of a lot to add to the old movies:
Back to the Future


The most recent example comes through Jamie:

Can you think of any?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

You think because I don't want to work here it's because I can get a better gig on Geraldo?

Today I was walking across campus to another building. There was an older gentleman behind me, so I stopped and held the door open for him. He said thank you and started chatting with me a little.

He asked if school was over and it is (woo hoo!). Then he said, "Well, I came to bring lunch to a friend of mine, but she isn't even here. So here, would you like lunch?"

I said, "Well don't you want it."

"No, I already ate. And I had those two donuts!"

Unfortunately the Chinese food he had brought was full of gluten. So I shared it with my officemates.

The fortune was "Your good deed will be rewarded multiple times today."