Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sidekick, FTdubs! (That means For The Win).

So as I mentioned before... life.... And I sat down thinking I need to update my goals. And I didn't want to because I thought they have been a complete and utter fail for the last month and a half. But then I was amazed, because I haven't done quite as horribly as I thought. Not claiming a win, but not as horrible as I thought.

Goal 1: Deal with stress better.
Part 1: Yoga
I'm still doing yoga and still proud of how well I am doing with it. As of the last week of April, I have 65 rocks in my yoga jar. That's an average of 3.8 yoga sessions per week.

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Part 2: Read The Power of Now
This still didn't happen.

Part 3: The new implementation of taking time to breathe and notice what is going on around me.
Most of the time I forgot, but sometimes I remembered. I'm doing better at remembering when I wake up in the morning.

Goal 2: Be more positive/have a positive outlook on life
Part 1: The Gratitude Jar
Last time I said that my little slips were completely overflowing the jar. So I dumped all those in a bag (and then I dumped the bag in a drawer... I'm still deciding what to do with the slips), and started over. I missed several days here and there, and those probably total up to missing at least a week, but I am back at it and doing better at being consistent.

Part 2: Making time for things I love
Things I am doing lately that I have been loving:

I'm making a blanket for Junior, Heather and Tim's baby who will arrive in July.
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While I've been working on that I've been enjoying some shows.

(Season two. Whoa)

(Still slowly working my way through this one)

My favorite:

And I just started:

I also really enjoyed laughing while reading this book:

I also have loved spending time with good friends and that usually involves good food too. I also planted some flowers and put my lawn chair out on the patio so I could enjoy some sunshine. We are getting some warmer weather, which makes me very happy.

Goal 3: Be kinder/negative self-talk
I don't know whether anything in here can be called progress or success. So I'll work on it again for another month.