Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Me? You're the one spending all your extra time at your little side project.

Since my parents and little sister left, I've been keeping busy with a bunch of projects. I just thought I'd share.

Project #1: Sewing ribbons on my curtains, and I decided to hem them at the same time.

Project #2: Jewelry making.

Project #3: Spray painting picture frames. And, on this one I can actually brag about the total cost of these pretty pictures. $8 for the frames, $2 for spray paint, $0.41 for cardstock = $10.41. The pictures are all of Italy, and I pulled them out of a daily calendar that my sister gave me a few years ago.

And you can weigh in. Where should I hang these? Choice #1 - under the stairs. Choice #2 - in the entryway. Choice #3 - at the bottom of the stairs. Choice #4 - in the office. Choice #5 - in my bedroom.

Project #4: Reupholstering this chair. You can weigh in on this too, this way I'll get my faithful blog reader's opinions, and not just facebook people. Should I paint the chair, and what color? Staining is too much work, so don't suggest that, it's paint or nothing.

Oh, and I can price this out too. Fun. $22.50 for the chair, $14 for new foam padding, $13 for new fabric = $49.50. Really not bad, since all the chairs I've seen in other stores cost well over $100.

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  1. I'm a bad decorator so I don't know ;) I always see chairs that are either white, brown or black so I would say one of those ;) I know not that helpful.