Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I had to spend two hours getting myself up to club admissionability, and you're just wearing the same thing you always wear.

Did you see this interview last week?

This is causing an uproar.

It's causing an uproar and, as far as I have heard, she hasn't officially been fired or filed lawsuits yet.

The day that this interview was done, we had a lengthy discussion over lunch about the actions and the consequences, how far reaching those consequences will be, and the double standard.

Despite the irritating double standard, and the (probably not complete) anonymity, I've decided that it is safer to make a few changes. The change you will see here is no more student writing. The other change is I'm de-friending on facebook. Actually, I think that will feel really good.

But I have decided that instead of feeling like I'm never allowed to say anything about my job, I can write about things that I do that could provide entertainment.

Class Story Number 1:
The other night in class we were discussing commonly confused words and how to tell them apart. This is part of the larger discussion of spelling, which boils down to "read what you wrote and the computer is stupid."

We got around to affect and effect.

If you are thinking at this point, "Yeah, I've never figured out the difference between those..." I'll tell you. The difference is affect is a verb and effect is a noun.

My students didn't really understand that explanation.

So I tried with two examples:
"Studying affects your grades."
"The effect of studying is good grades."

I still had one student who was having a hard time. So she said, "Can you give a different example?"

Now, I will be honest. This was putting me on the spot a little. Often when I am put on the spot like this I come up with really awful sentences.

This was the exception.

I said:
"French fries affect my thighs."
"The effect of eating french fries is my thighs get larger."

And they had a pretty good laugh.


  1. Dude... I love your example! you are awesome!

  2. Ummm your stories are funny. She just wrote things that are mean and degrading.

    I do think it's a double standard, but putting that on a public blog, a kid could find it and then how can a kid learn from a teacher who they think hates them. It's kind of similar to how we get angry at disney stars when they do something at home not appropriate for their 10 year old audience. Someone's always watching right?