Monday, April 2, 2012

Yeah, you don't mind kicking ass when you have to, but otherwise you'd rather be hanging out with your sisters, baking cookies, or knitting booties.

My mom sent me a pattern for baby booties. It is a super cute pattern. But it was really hard. First, I haven't made a lot of things with shapes, and second, these boots are tiny. So the hook was tiny, and the books were tiny.

So here's my process.

I started. And messed up pretty bad.

Then I pulled it apart, and did it again. Then I gave up.

I found some simpler patterns, and made them with cheap yarn.

Then I tried the hard pattern again. With cheap yarn, and a larger hook.

And then I tried again. With the smaller hook and the nicer yarn.

It turned out really cute, right?


1 comment:

  1. Hi. Good on ya for persevering! They are cuuute! What about making a very large pair for yourself or a friend, or your Mom? I think they'd be great as slipper/boots.