Monday, January 12, 2009

"Oh, I meant the older... sorry, not 'old', less..." "Handsome? Less hair? Less friends on Facebook?"

I spent a really fabulous break at home with my family (have I mentioned that already?). Some of my siblings like to spend (apparently vast amounts of) time on YouTube. One of the fun things we did was share all the different YouTube videos we like with each other. (I actually was able to contribute one, and was impressed that I had actually seen several of the others).

Behold, one of said videos:
(Ok, so I really have no idea how to embed videos. Anyone? Anyone?)

The other day, two of my colleagues were talking about Facebook, I happened to walk by and they asked me if I was on Facebook. I said yes. And they were both like, you should be our friend! Which then turned into a lengthy conversation about how one has a tendency to swear (alot) on everyone's walls.

And all I could think of was: "Would you like to be my friend? Confirm or ignore." "Can I get confirmation on that?"

But the story doesn't end there. I walked in this morning, and one of said colleagues said, "I tried to find you on Facebook, did you used to be blonde?"

The answer is no. One good thing about my name is about 500 people in the US have my exact name, and most of them are on Facebook.

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