Monday, June 7, 2010

Can I get your number?

Some of the best things happen on airplanes. On my second flight back to the middle on Saturday I was seated next to a young boy, about nine years old. After we had been sitting for a few minutes he started talking to me.

Both of his arms were covered with silly bandz.

My first exposure to this phenomenon came a few days after I arrived in NC. Heather had been to visit her friend who has a four year old daughter. Lily, the four year old, told her mom that she was the social outcast at her preschool because she didn't have any silly bandz to trade with the other kids. Heather decided to be the good aunt and rectify the situation.

While we were driving home from Savannah, we stopped at Chick-fil-a and saw a young boy with them all up his arms. A lady in line started talking to him about the bandz and apparently you have to order them online to get the special shapes.

So after a few minutes the boy on the airplane started talking to me and telling me all about the silly bandz. Then he pulled one off and gave it to me.

Now I'm one of the cool kids.

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