Sunday, July 11, 2010

You can always paint the roses red.

Summer projects continued.

I put my spare room back together after letting the paint dry for a few days. Then I hung some pictures up on the walls. I wanted to share some pictures, but I was actually waiting a few more days so I could hang the curtain and then show you the pictures. But then I decided I like the room better without the curtain. [To those of you who will be staying at my house in the rapidly approaching future, don't worry. I'll hang the blinds and curtains back up so you can rest comfortably here. Oh, the plan is even to get this bathroom a nice new showerhead too. I believe in deluxe accommodations.]

Now, before I share these pictures, I was working on projects yesterday and this morning in here. That is why there is a little bit of stuff hanging around... like the iron. Remember that what you are really judging is the color.

This week I worked for a while on a new temple dress. That went something like this:
Monday -- Cut out the dress. Begin sewing. Sew enough that it looks like a real dress. Try it on. Realize it doesn't fit at all.
Saturday -- Retry on dress. It still doesn't fit. Put pins in to make it fit. Unpick everything I sewed on Monday. Start again. Get it to look like a real dress. Now it needs a zipper. Realize the machine doesn't have a zipper foot. The end.

You can actually see the dress in the above pictures tossed over the black chair.

So since I wasn't able to finish the dress, I started working on a pair of pajama pants. To explain, my mom sews all of us pajama pants every Christmas. They are always fabulously plush flannel. But it's too hot for flannel. I have one pair of cotton pajama pants (still Christmas fabric, thus they have been dubbed my "Ho" pants, because they say ho, ho, ho). But they are looking a bit worn.

I thought to myself that since I am going to see my sister and her husband in Japan I should get a new pair of pajama pants that are good for the hot summer. Then I won't show up looking like a ragamuffin.

I found a patriotic fabric was on sale at Jo-anns, so I picked a cute star pattern and it only cost $5. Yesterday I cut out the pants, but chose to make them into shorts. Even better for the summer and I got them all sewn together.

My mom's are way better. Probably because she is smart enough to use a pattern. These are a little goofy.

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