Saturday, October 16, 2010

Time for your lobotomy, Jack!

I teach two eight week classes each semester. The one that covers the first eight weeks just ended on Thursday night.

As part of the final exam, the students had to write a paragraph based on one of the prompts that I gave them. My favorite prompt out of these says, "Many experiences leave scars. Write the story of one of your scars." Last semester I learned that I had to specifically say I only wanted to read stories about physical scars. So I remembered to tell the students that.

One student has written before about how she was in a really terrible car accident. It's a sad story, but she's very chill about talking about it.

In her scar story she wrote about the scar that the accident left around her ear. She calls it her "shark bite scar," and if anyone ever asks she calmly tells them it's from a shark bite.
great white shark

I laughed at that, because I have the perfect made-up story for my scar too. It goes something like this:

Person: "Wow, that's a big scar. What happened?"
Me: "Oh that? It's nothing. It's from my lobotomy."
Person: [laughs nervously] "Yeah, right."
Me: [laughing not nervously] "Yeah, ok. That's just the story I tell people when I don't want to admit that I had a face-lift."
Person: [totally believes me at this point, and doesn't know how to comment on a 29 year old having a face-lift].

Unfortunately (or very fortunately), my scar is so well-hidden in my hairline that I have never actually had this conversation.

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