Sunday, January 16, 2011

You broke-a the road. You a very bad car!

This past week North Carolina had an ice storm. Naturally this shut everything down. So Kim was home for the day. We slept in, ate a leisurely breakfast, and then decided we should walk over to Harris Teeter and get a movie from the Redbox.

When we decided on this course of action, I didn't realize that Kim meant immediately.

I went and got dressed, in no rush whatsoever, and came back downstairs to find Kim in her coat and hat, tapping her foot.


And so we set off.

The neighborhood sidewalk was treacherous. But once we got out to the main road the sidewalk had been cleared. The ice thickened again though when we got to the Harris Teeter parking lot, and then I saw that the sidewalk in front of the store had been treated.

As we walked out of the store, movie in hand, I saw a shopping cart filled with boxes of table salt that all had the top of the box cut completely off.

Salt - US Made Morton Brand Iodized (Not Good) Salt
Double take.

"Wait," I said to Kim. "Do you think? ... I think they used table salt to salt the sidewalk!"

We inspected the boxes, all completely empty, then inspected the sidewalk.

Sure enough there was a pile around the edge that was clearly wet salt.

Kim promptly developed a theory: The workers all arrived in the morning and gathered for the morning meeting. The manager was pleased that everyone was able to make it, but expressed a lot of concern about the state of the parking lot. "No one has come to treat the parking lot or the sidewalks. What are we going to do if a customer gets hurt?"

A bagger, a teenager complete with baggy pants, flips his Justin Bieber hair out of his face and said, "Dude, we've got salt."


  1. lol, great story!
    Are you in NC? I am! If you are, we should try to meet up! :-)

  2. Every step was slippery in the street. The road cleaners were out on trucks for spreading salt but still had people fall on the round from time to time.