Sunday, September 4, 2011

Uh... his blood pressure went boom and his brain got an owie.

Last week at work they brought in a health screening. It's the usual health insurance write off thing, and everyone really pushed us to go get screened because then maybe the insurance won't raise the rates so much next year.

I went. My motivation was the $25 visa gift card.

It is a very typical screening: height, weight, body fat, BMI, and then a finger prick to check for cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, and then blood pressure.

One nurse started me off with height, weight, body fat and BMI. She gave me my numbers and told me I'm fantastic.

I went to the second nurse and she started with the finger prick and then plugged my blood into her little machine to run those numbers. While those numbers were running, she took my blood pressure.

Then she took it again.

And a third time.

"Are you ok?" Looking at me with huge concern. "Do you feel light-headed? Are you feeling faint?"

"I'm fine. I could use something to eat (we had to be fasting), but no I'm not light-headed."

"Are you sure? Are you sure you aren't going to pass out? Your blood pressure is really low."

I just laughed at that. "That's normal for me."

She looked extremely skeptical. Extremely.

So she took it again and was finally willing to write down the numbers.

Then she explained the blood test results and wrote on the bottom of my form -- Good job.

But then she said to me, "You need to monitor your blood pressure. It is really really low. Actually, in fact, I am going to write that down." So she did: Monitor blood pressure.

It's genetic, but maybe if I quit doing cardio my blood pressure would go up. Then maybe doctors and nurses wouldn't get so freaked out.

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  1. What a dumb nurse. I would have complimented you on being in such great shape. Low blood pressure at your age is more often a sign of a healthy cardiovascular system. (Although it could also relate back to your liver issues, if it was extremely low)

    Doctors don't usually give me as hard of a time, but now that I'm pregnant it is really low and I do pass out... so maybe I can understand a little why it freaks people out.