Friday, October 14, 2011

I was wrong! This is the musing-out-loud part. Do I actually need to be here?

I was listening to one of my podcasts, and it was an interview with Sherry Turkle who studies and writes about technology. One of the things she said that caught my attention was that social media -- especially facebook -- has given people a forum for sharing things, but that it has also become a place where people don't feel like they can share things. So she interviewed someone and the girl said that she didn't feel like she could post on facebook that her dog died. It just didn't seem like the place.

It was an interesting interview. But I really bring it up to explain the long silence. This isn't the place.

So now I will treat you to a random collection of musings that I have had over the past couple of weeks. Maybe this can be a set of ramblings that Carla will enjoy again.

I have been bringing the same thing to work for lunch every day all semester long. (We have officially completed week 8 -- halfway!). I bring a salad. I start with spinach and sometimes kale. Then I add tomato, cucumber, daikon radish, bell pepper, and peas. I bring another container with brown rice in it. At lunch time, I heat up the rice and then dump it on the salad. Everything is dressed with olive oil, salt and pepper. 

It's good. Now, let me be clear. I know it's not an exciting lunch, but I find it quite tasty. 

But here is what I have noticed. 

When I eat with my coworkers, they watch me open up my salad and they say, "Oh, that looks healthy." 

At first I was like, "Yup. It's good." 

But then I realized I was getting funny looks when I said it was good. And then I listened more closely. And I discovered they aren't saying, Wow, what a great looking lunch, how delicious. They are saying, ew, healthy, how can you eat that? 

And here I thought a salad was more normal than.... I don't know how to finish that sentence. Anything else I eat? Tuna straight from the can? Squash? Soup?

As I have been driving around town, I keep hearing commercials recruiting applicants for jobs at the CIA. The job title is something like Clandestine Services Operator, but I know what that really means. It means a spy. 

I've been so tempted to apply. 

I love my subscription to Entertainment Weekly. A few weeks ago they had an indepth interview with Brad Pitt. 

The best part of the interview was the very end. The interviewer asked Brad what he thought about the ways he has popped up in popular culture recently. He started with "Billionaire" by Travie McCoy. 

Brad's response: "It's just unfortunate that my last name rhymes with S#%@."

I had a new funny story about old people at the gym. But it's not coming to me right now. 

And maybe that's a sign....

Do you have  those terrible movies that you watched in college and they still pop up in your mind every once in a while?

I keep thinking about that Adam Sandler movie where he somehow gets a little boy and teaches the kid all kinds of disgusting things and uses him to pick up girls. None of that is relevant, but at the beginning he lets the kid do whatever he wants. He doesn't make him take a bath or wash his favorite clothes. So then the kindergarten teacher stops Adam Sandler one day and tells him that his kid is the smelly kid in class. 

Terrible movie. 

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  1. I think that salad looks quite delicious. I love healthy lunches.

    Of course, I try to eat healthy lunches, and my co-workers all get their mcdonald's (to collect monopoly pieces of course) and then all I can think about all day is how I want those nasty little chicken nuggets.

    I can't wait til I'm not pregnant.