Saturday, January 28, 2012

I could use a good man to help me get my project on wheels.

And for the second batch, I have crochet projects. And then a pinterest-inspired project.

Project 7: A baby blanket.
I used the same pattern, but different colors.

Project 8: A monster.
I decided to learn how to crochet in the round. I found this little pattern and decided it would be good practice. It did a great job of explaining how. 

Project 9: A baby hat.
Then I used those mad crocheting in the round skills to make a cute baby hat. Here's the original pattern. 

All the parts are finished.

And now they are sewn on and the hat is complete.

I think on a baby's actual head it wouldn't look that misshapen. I posed it by putting a bowl over the roll of paper towels and then putting the hat on top. Hopefully it would be cuter on an actual baby's head. 

Project 10: A motivation jar.
Heather got me hooked on Pinterest. I'm setting boundaries, so hopefully I don't get really bad with it. But I saw a pin called motivation jars. The person set up two jars and filled one with little pebbles for how many pounds she wants to lose, then as she loses each pound she can move a pebble over to the pounds lost jar. 

I decided that a motivation jar would be a great idea. I'm trying to motivate myself to be social. Maybe you don't know this about me, but that is sometimes hard for me. (Understatement!). So I decided to make a jar for my social life. Every time I do something social, I get to put a pebble in it. And when I get to a certain number of pebbles -- like 25 -- I get a reward! 


  1. Great idea! I love your projects.

  2. I love the social jar... I have goals to be more social too! It's a lot easier to stay home with zoey. Let me know how it goes.