Saturday, January 28, 2012

You're like children playing house.


I've been working on a bunch of projects. Today's project is to share them (finally). The first batch of projects are house projects.

Project 1: Fix the toilet
The downstairs toilet's fill valve went bad. It was spraying water all over the floor, so I had to replace it.

First take out the old one.

In progress.

Done! And it has worked great all week.

Project 2: Clean and organize the hall closet.
I saw an organizing tip to use shower hooks to hang bags and scarves. I got some cute hooks at Target.

Project 3: Put away the Christmas decorations.
Don't judge.

Project 4: Hem three pairs of pants.

Project 5: Make some hummus.
It's yellow because I put in tumeric. 

Project 6: Organize my closet. 

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  1. Great projects. Did you see everything I posted for you on pinterest?