Monday, July 2, 2012

But I don't know if I should be flying or doing Swan Lake in these suits.

Some stories to share:

Shape Magazine
I get Shape magazine and was ready my copy this month. They did an interview with Kathy Griffin. She talked about some scary health challenges and how she decided to be healthy. 

But that isn't really the interesting part of the story. The article reminded me that last semester I had a student who wrote in her journal that Kathy Griffin is my twin. 

She started with the idea that everyone in the world has a twin, and then announced that Kathy Griffin must be mine, because we look a lot alike. At first, I was baffled... and not flattered at all. And then she explained that Kathy Griffin is her favorite celebrity and she loves her show. When I understood it was a compliment for her, I was more willing to go along with it. 

But really? I don't see it. 

Kathy Griffin


One of my classes this summer starts earlier than is normal for me. That means I have to be at work earlier, and that means I have to get up earlier. And because of all of this, I'm going to the gym really early most of the week. It's amazing how much difference an hour makes in who is at the gym. 

I was looking around at all the people who are at the gym at 5:30 in the morning, and found myself watching one guy in particular. You do it too. The gym is all about people watching. 

This guy looks like Chris Evans in Fantastic Four.

I decided after a few days that he needed a code name. So I call him "Hawk Eye." And I laugh every time. 

Another gym story. 

I may have mentioned before that I like to listen to Jillian Michaels' podcast while I'm at the gym. 

(Just as a side note: She's very different on the podcast than she was on The Biggest Loser)

The podcast is set up in different segments and between each segment, the sound engineer plays a song. One day he chose to play "I Believe I Can Fly."

On the next episode, Jillian threw a fit! She started, "I was listening to the podcast. What the h--- were you thinking picking that?!" It was hilarious. She went on and on. And didn't fire the sound engineer, so it's all ok. 

Last week, I was listening to her latest episode. In between the first and second segments the sound engineer played "Call Me Maybe."

I busted out laughing, on the treadmill, at the gym. I could totally see how mad Jillian would be. I can't wait for the next episode. 


  1. At first I thought NO WAY, but that picture of kathy griffin has some resemblances. That seems better than everyone telling me I look like Punky Brewster.

    Also, Chris Evans is hot. You should find a way to chat with that guy. Like get on the treadmill next to him or something.

    And I loved Call Me, Maybe in all it's cheesiness and then they started playing it every other song... kind of over it.

  2. I totally agree with Carla. Chris Evans is smokin' hot! Why did you call him "Hawk Eye" when you compared this guy to the human torch. That is kind of ironic, because in the movie that Hawk Eye is in (the Avengers) Chris Evans plays Captain America.