Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bats may be, but even for billionaire playboys, three o'clock is pushing it. The price of leading a double life, I fear. Your theatrics made an impression.

A Rock-in-the-Jar update. 

My last update was on May 13. And looked like this:
Social life = 48
Yoga = 45

On June 9th, I counted everything up and the totals were:
Social life = 53
Yoga = 54

That means that I hit another reward point for both areas. I still haven't gotten the reward for them. 

And at the same time, I discovered that the jars were full enough that 1 rock wasn't making a noticeable difference, and I was getting disappointed with the lack of movement. So I dumped out 50 rocks from both jars. 

Today's totals:
Social life = 17 (Grand total since January 28 = 67)
Yoga = 14 (Grand total since January 28 = 64)

I need to plan a few more social events. Anyone want to hang out with me?