Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My goal is to eventually say things that are so sassy and wise, that there is no possible response other than "Mm" or *Mmhm*.

Carla asked how my goals are going. (For a refresh on my goals, click here). Thanks for keeping me accountable!

Goal 1: Deal with stress better.
Part 1: Yoga
I'm doing really well at doing yoga at least three times a week. Last week I even got up to four times. It gives me a good space to breathe and stop thinking.

And to prove how well I'm doing, here's my yoga jar.
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Part 2: Read The Power of Now
I'm halfway through (naturally I'll post a full book review when I finish), but basic principles I've learned so far:
1. The mind will chatter away non-stop like it's in charge. But you need to assert yourself and control your mind.
2. Stop and just watch the mind chatter away. It takes you out of the thoughts that are stressing you out and you become an observer.
3. Take moments throughout the day to notice what is happening around you. Feel the sun on your face, taste the food, smell the crisp air, etc.
4. Your mind is creating problems. Wherever you are, there isn't really a problem right now, so stop allowing your mind to create the problem.

What I want to apply:
1. Taking time during the day to breathe and notice what is going on around me. I'm thinking about setting up an alarm on my phone, to ring maybe every two hours, and I take 5 deep breaths.

In addition to those goals I had set, I listened to a podcast that talked about the importance of breathing, so I'm working on that. There are also a couple of rituals that I can do when I feel stressed out. Last night, for example, I got very stressed out and after a couple of hours of freaking out, I remembered my rituals, so I did each of them, and now that I finished my yoga for today, I really do feel better.

Goal 2: Be more positive/have a positive outlook on life
Part 1: The Gratitude Jar
The original goal was to write one thing I am grateful for every day. I just fell into the pattern of writing three things. And that is working better.

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So much good in my life.

New Addition: Part 2: Making time for things I really love
Life is busy and it's only going to get busier as the semester progresses. But I am making space for doing things I love. Two weeks ago, I made hard lotion bars. I so enjoyed myself. This weekend I took myself to the movies and then spent the day cooking and singing at the top of my lungs. I read a book that made me cry it was so beautiful. And I'm crocheting myself a scarf because it is pretty. I don't care if it takes until April to finish it, I'm just enjoying the process.

Goal 3: Be kinder/Get rid of negative self-talk
I'm still not really sure how to do this. I think that dealing with stress better and being more positive help naturally. But I feel like there might be some more concrete way to incorporate this, but I don't know how.

All in all, I feel like my goals are going really well.

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