Thursday, January 2, 2014

These are supplies for the crafts table. I finally figured out what we're gonna be making.

It has been forever since I've done a post about something that isn't books! And actually, every once in a while, I do manage to do something other than read. (Please read that as the light-hearted sarcasm that I intended).

To prove this, I'm going to show off my craftiness.

In August, my sister had a baby boy. To celebrate the arrival of my new nephew, I made him a hat. Carla loves gnomes, so I made her a gnome hat for baby Tucker to wear.

Displaying image.jpeg

Cutest gnome ever, right?

Then, big sister Zoey got jealous. She wanted to wear the gnome hat. So she did.

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But her head is a little larger. Or a lot larger.

So I made her her very own gnome hat. I gave it to her at the airport, and she immediately put it on and pronounced it, "So cute!"

New picture. Zoey doesn't hold still for very long, so catching a cute shot is a little hard. I possibly could have kept the hat a little larger. Maybe next time.

And then, because those were such successes I decided to make my youngest sister Kim a hat for Christmas as well. Initially, I thought this wound up too big, but it looks fabulous on her. Or as Zoey would say, "So cute!"

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