Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm feeling skinny, Tony!

I'm procrastinating. I got kind of stressed last night because I feel less prepared for this week than I usually try to be. Too many meetings taking up too much of my time, plus an aversion to bringing home schoolwork on the weekends makes me less prepared.

And here I sit, blogging...

At work, we have a fitness person. I don't remember his actual title, but he coordinates things. So he has begun a new thing for everyone on campus: the fitness challenge. This particular challenge is two-fold, a walking challenge and a weight-loss challenge. For the next 7 weeks people on campus are participating in these two challenges that boil down to wearing a pedometer.

I joined one of the groups. Not because I am trying to lose weight, or because I am trying to increase my number of steps. I caved to peer pressure. But I was interested to wear the pedometer because I was curious about how much I actually walk. (I feel like my job is largely sedentary, which is why I keep upping my gym time).

Yesterday morning was the first morning of the challenge, and so there was a flurry of activity as people were trying to get their pedometers set, get signed up on the website that will track our progress, and figure out what we have to do. As I walked down the hallway (to pick up copies, not just to walk), two of my team members stopped me to talk about our walking. My boss was standing there and overheard us talking.

One of the ladies was focusing on the weightloss portion of this challenge, and my boss said to me, "You are trying to lose weight? What, do you want to disappear? You'll have to run around in the shower to get wet! There won't be anything left!"

My response, "You sound like you are in 6th grade. I think that's the last time I heard the 'run-around-in-the-shower' insult."

Which has never been applied to me before.


  1. Did you really say that to her? I have never heard the shower joke, that is hilarious (sorry if you didn't think so)! It is annoying when other people challenge your personal goals, which she obviously didn't know anything about your goals. So maybe you do want to run around in the shower, not her business!

  2. I think pedometers are fun. And it is interesting to see how much you walk (or don't walk). So does your work reward you with money for participating in this type of program?