Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You have a solid point dear... but right now the lessons of my life are coming in handy for you.

I teach a 3 hour long class on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I love it. The class is super-small (only 10 students), and they really click together.

Of course it's hard to pick a favorite student when the class as a whole is so good, but there is one student that I especially like. He reminds me of a friend of mine and is just funny. I'm sure you are all thinking how terrible I am for having favorites, but let's face it, my only aberration is in admitting that I have favorites.

This particular student, let's call him Marco, was on a roll tonight. We were talking about writing with specific language, and for everything that someone tossed out as a more specific way to word a sentence, he added a note to "Marco's life lessons."

Lesson 1: You should take cash with you. Everywhere.
This first came up because we wrote about Audrey (a fictional person) going into a building. To be more specific I had the students select different places she could go and what she would need there. The first place was a courthouse, and Marco assured us that she would need cash, because tickets and bail cannot be paid by check.

Audrey continued her journey by going to Las Vegas, Florida, and the basketball game. At each of these venues she needed cash. Marco's point was validated.

Lesson 2: You should pack AirBorne when you travel to Las Vegas.
According to Marco, you will get sick when you come home. Just go prepared.

Lesson 3: You should never run a marathon. Ever.
He regaled us with the story of his sister who ran the Phoenix marathon and people who were being dragged over the finish line. In the 26th mile, their supporters would come out of the crowds and pick them up and carry them across the finish line. But for that to be "legal" their feet had to touch the ground.


  1. Emily,
    I love reading your blog. AND I agree with Marco. You should ALWAYS take Airborne when you travel to Las Vegas. Blake and I went and I came home with mono. I realize getting mono in Las Vegas makes me sound scandalous but I guarantee I was just as surprised as the doctor.

  2. I thought about this post this morning while I was at a store with no cash. Lilly and I were on the hunt for heart shape cookie cutters and we found some in this store in town for 32 cents each! I grabbed two since they were such a bargain, went to pay with my credit card only to find the sign that said $5 credit card minimum. Sigh. Since I was too lazy, too tired, whatever excuse you pick, to go home and grab 64 cents I searched that stupid store for $4.36 worth of products. Rendering my 64 cent bargain useless. Always carry cash.

  3. this has nothing to do with this post, but you have won an award, so come check out my blog to see it.