Thursday, April 16, 2009

Of schools and ships and sealing wax. Of cabbages and kings.

What a strange day. All day I had to work to convince myself that it is actually Thursday. Ok, that's not an unusual problem, as I frequently get my days mixed up. But today, I have been convinced all day that it is Wednesday. That is what made it strange, I am usually jumping ahead in days, not back.

I think the main reason for this is because I couldn't go to the gym yesterday. I had to go back to the dermatologist, because the spot of cancer that we are treating with cream got infected. The funny part of this story is... oh, I should explain, this is my original dermatologist, who diagnosed the spots, my surgery was performed by a different dermatologist in the practice. So my dermatologist hadn't seen me since the surgery, and so he commented on my wound. (Really I'm not sure what to call it. It's not a scar yet, because it's still too gross, but wound just sounds gross and weird, and it's not really that gross, although I seem to think that it is). Anyway, he commented that it looks really good, and asked how the surgery went. I said, "Well, the surgery itself was fine. They had to take out three layers." "WHOA! Wow!" was his response to that.

I just looked at him. And then I thought, yeah, everyone else did a much better job of presenting that like it's no big deal. Way to go, buddy.

Um, so that's skin cancer... One of my nurse students asked how it was healing and if she could see it, so I showed her. She also said it looks good, but then told me it will take at least 2 months for the site to feel completely normal. Maybe by then my hair will be a couple inches long.

In other news, everyone is still ready for the end of the semester. I decided there was too much complaining. And I think my reactions are entirely inappropriate. One of my friends complains about her students, and I just say, "You are way too nice. If they said that to me, my response would be 'Too bad. You should have been paying attention.'" But she accepts the blame that they place on her. I hope I don't do that.

And the last thing that is going on in my life is I am looking at houses tomorrow. With a real estate agent and everything. I have been worrying for the past week about how to break up with my roommate. I have told her of my intention to buy a house this summer, and she somehow invited herself to live with me. I thought I was scott free when she said she was going to move back home and marry her pseudo-ex-boyfriend. And then he dumped her. So her plans automatically changed back to living with me. Even though I never invited her to.

What's your favorite way to dump someone?


  1. I don't like you. I never liked you. In fact, I merely lived with you because you were a step up (if very small step) from the last crazy i was living with. And now, that I have an option that does not in any way involve you, I am going to take it. Gladly. I've enjoyed the time we spent together... scratch that, Thanks for nothing!


    (and this should be left on a post-it taped to her door, obviously)

  2. Haha to Carla's comment. Maybe you could just leave. In the middle of the night. So that way, she wakes up one morning, and realizes (though it might take her a while to realize) that all your stuff is gone. Oh, but then she'll try to call you all the time...scratch that plan. How about a text? I hear that's the way to go these days.