Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You watched one too many X-Files as a kid.

I keep meaning to post some post-operative pictures. I keep thinking that my mom would like to see them (Facebook seems a little too public for that).

But I am not at home, so instead I will tell you the story of a student.

I'm having individual conferences with one of my classes this week. It's draining. And most of the time I read their papers and am just like, "I am never assigning an argument again!" But this student came in, sat down, and said, "I can't get more than 5 pages on this paper." I started to suggest some things, and my main suggestion was that he set up the conversation that is taking place around his topic. So he began to describe to me the conversation around legalizing marijuana.

Suddenly, in the middle of explaining this conversation - decriminalize or legalize - he looks up and says, "But you know, I rolled out of bed this morning, and realized that the reason lawmakers don't want to legalize marijuana is because they realize that all of our current industries will be replaced by hemp. It will be absolutely catastrophic for the American economy because we have built it so much on other things. Like corn." So then he went on and on about the uses and values of hemp.

But it was great! I make them do a little bit of research and now I have a conspiracy theorist!

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