Saturday, April 18, 2009

You are scum, between my toes.

Carla, you made me laugh and laugh with your post-it.

The break-up is done. Accomplished. And it seems to have gone fairly well, and now she is back to hiding in her room. (Have I mentioned that I think of her as a cave dweller? She goes into a dark room, and doesn't come out...).

My method was really unexciting. We were chatting, and I asked if she is still going to Utah for the summer, she asked what I am doing for the summer to which I responded summer school. She said, "Are you still thinking about buying a house this summer?" I said, "Yes, and I don't think we should live together." She looked surprised and said, "Oh I know." "Ok, I just felt like it needed to be said, so we are both on the same page." She responded, "I knew you wanted to move out." And I was like, yeah, and you said you would go with me.

So it was very weird, and she acted all abrupt and like she had never made any plans. But it is done! Yay!

I went and saw a few houses yesterday. I liked the realtor, but the houses were absolute nos. They were right on the major highway, and in a very commercial area. Weird.

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