Friday, June 5, 2009

Run Forrest Run!

Tomorrow is my race. Yeah, not the half marathon anymore, just the 10k. Due to drama. I've been pretty disappointed about that, but today was packet pick-up day. Everyone reported to the Crown Center and picked up their bibs, shirts, socks, and all kinds of other stuff.

I'm so excited!

There were a ton of people there. And everyone just started chatting. "What race are you running?" "Oh me too." "How many times have you done it?" And everyone is just excited!

I walked in with a lady and told her I am doing the 10k. She was really impressed, because she only walks the 5k.

But the best part: They were set up at the movie theater counter, which is about chest high for me. I gave them my number and got my bib, and then they asked me what size t-shirt. I said x-small. The volunteer was like, "Extra small? Are you sure?"

It was a little like this:

I just stepped back from the counter, and she said, "Oh yeah, ok."

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