Sunday, June 28, 2009

What time is it? Summertime.


And I am back to the dilemma of what do I wear to work. It seems like a stupid question, right, I should just keep wearing what I've been wearing. But no, it's not that simple.

First there's the temperature issue. It got scorching hot here in the middle last week, and my office got hot too. So that's a problem. Then there's the fact that nobody is at work. The whole campus is a virtual ghost town in the summer, so what's the point of looking nice.

But I've been trying. So I wear my cute skirts and little flat shoes. At least I look a little professional for my students.

But on Thursday I got dressed and wore my flip flops around town as I ran all my errands. I changed into a pair of flats to go to work. But they are a pair of shoes that I really don't like, so I was grumbling in my head about putting them on. Countering the grumbling in my head were my sisters' voices, completely horrified when I admitted to them that I did wear flip flops to work one day. Let me quickly justify that by saying these are not plastic Old Navy flip flops. These are my brown leather Rainbows. Yeah, my sisters didn't care for that justification either.

Added to my sisters' voices were Stacy and Clinton ("from TLC's What Not to Wear") saying, "Toes are like cleavage. They don't belong at the office."

So I did not wear my flip flops to class on Thursday.

When I walked into the building, I was greeted by one of the other faculty members, who was getting ready for his class. And he was wearing a large, red, Hawaiian print shirt, black exercise (not basketball and not biker shorts, just cotton loose-ish exercise shorts) shorts that were way too short, mid-calf length socks, and Keens.

Why, why, why? And of course most of the whys are why did I have to see that? But the rest of them are why can't I wear my Rainbows?

The lesson: Colleges are weird places in the summertime.

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