Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You're trying on my shoes?

I feel like I talk about clothes a lot, but I really have to share this story, because it's funny.

So after I made that big deal about not wearing in flip flops and instead wearing my brown flats (by the way, that description makes them sound ugly. They are not ugly. I get many compliments on how cute they are), one of my students commented on my shoes.

She took two classes with me last semester, and so has been my student for a while now. She noticed the shoes, and said, "So you are finally used to those shoes, huh? I'm glad, because they are really cute."

Sometime last semester, I had worn the brown flats, and wound up taking them off during class because they were hurting my feet so bad. Students generally don't notice that, and even if they notice, they don't comment. But somehow, that class had commented. I told them what horribly uncomfortable shoes they were and kept on teaching.

She's right though. They aren't horribly uncomfortable anymore.

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