Saturday, May 14, 2011

Leonard's research is as groundbreaking as third graders planting lima beans on paper towels.


Conventional wisdom here in the middle says don't plant until after Mother's day. This year that was extremely important. There were frost warnings the few days before Mother's day.

And then the two days after were 90 degrees.

And now it is unseasonably cool again.

But I decided to press on with some plantings anyway.

This is the cool planting box I found. It is supposed to help with watering too. In it I have a bell pepper plant, a tomato plant, cucumbers and zucchini.

My herbs on the windowsill. Mint, basil, a tiny basil, a tiny parsley, parsley, and tomato.

Some pretty flowers.

And then this guy came out to play.

It's a frog. I probably could have caught it, but that freaks me out.

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