Sunday, May 15, 2011

What's with the flowers?

I was surprised with flowers this week.

I had an exam to give on Thursday night. So I went into my classroom a few minutes early. I know that the students get nervous, so I try to get there early and help them calm down.

I walked in, and there were these beautiful gerber daisies on my desk.

I said, "Oh my gosh! Did you get me flowers?"

And one of the students said, "Yes."

On Tuesday, she had asked me what my favorite flowers were. Smart person that she is, she had claimed that her son had to do a survey for a school project, so he was making her ask everyone about their favorite flower. She really did go around the whole room, so I totally didn't think anything of it.

She also got a thank you card and let everyone sign it.

It was a really nice surprise.

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