Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sunday dinners are really great. We eat the food, and then the plate.

Instead of just sharing book reviews and failing projects, I thought I would tell a funny story.

A little family that I recently met invited me to Sunday dinner at their house. They have 3 kids, 10, 6, and 3 years old. The three year old is a beautiful little girl with bright blue eyes and curly red hair.

She also has a very strong personality.

She did not want to sit at the kids' table. She protested very loudly. Then when her parents insisted, she went into the kitchen and dragged a chair from the kids' table into the dining room.

At this point, her parents worked for a compromise, and brought a small child size table into the foyer, so she could feel like she was at the grown ups' table. She sat down with her bowl of spaghetti and happily started eating. Every couple of minutes she would look over, say something to us, and then go back to her food.

The adults got involved in a conversation and then she suddenly screamed. She jumped off the little bench, and sprayed her spaghetti across the foyer.

I was closest and her parents weren't in the room, so I went over and picked her up and asked if she was ok.

In her three-year-old voice, she kept saying, "Spider. Spider. Spi-der!"

I looked where she was pointing and didn't see anything (other than spilled spaghetti), so I said, "I don't see anything."


At this point her dad came in a started cleaning up the mess. I decided to walk away and let him handle it.

For some insight into why I thought this little scene was hilarious, go look here and here.

It was just like Sunday dinner with my family!

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  1. Bahaha, for a second I was wondering what was up with this little girl, but obviously a spider is the only reasonable explanation... Behold my future little girl