Monday, December 15, 2008

Guess I'm done with the book learning!

Woo hoo! I'm done grading!

I am divided right now. Part of me thinks, "Wow, you were kind of silly, because that really wasn't a big deal." And the other part of me thinks, "I hate final grades! That was horrible!"

The part of me that thinks it wasn't a big deal is taking a stand now, because grading really didn't take me all that long. The exams were fast to grade (when you are marking most of them wrong, it's not that hard). I said that the part I hated was entering the grades into Blackboard and then posting them online. But I came in this morning and finished that in 2 hours. (For 5 classes, that wasn't bad).

The other part of me is trying to remind the first part of me what I had to deal with last week. And what started early this morning. Crying. I really had a student come in last week and cry because her grade wasn't high enough. Huh, now I am wondering what her final grade wound up being. At any rate, I told her tough. She cried. I wanted to say, "Get out of my office. There's no crying!" Instead I said, "Work hard on the exam."

But I am still entirely stoked that I am done. Yay! Yay for the end of the first semester!

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