Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We got cabin fe-ver!

I remember being a little kid and having snow days. They were the best ever. We would get bundled up and go outside, then have hot chocolate. Sometimes my mom would make it with milk and Hershey's syrup and whipped cream, so it tasted even better. Then we would watch movies. I particularly remember watching a Muppets movie where they were pirates on a ship and they sang, "We got cabin fe-ver! We got cabin fe-ver!"

I had a snow day today. Well, it didn't start out as a snow day. I had a meeting downtown, so I had to drive a half hour to get to it. They didn't send out an email cancelling it, so I figured, despite the inch or more of snow already on the ground and the snow still falling, I better get myself down there.

It took me an hour and ten minutes to get there. Fortunately the meeting was fairly brief at just about an hour. And then it took me about an hour to get home.

By the time I got to the exit for my house, my back and jaw were almost spasming in pain. So I pulled off, instead of continuing on to work. I came back home and declared a snow day.

And now I want to yell, "I got cabin fe-ver! I got cabin fe-ver!" I'm so bored. And cagey. It was a good day, I got to watch 2 episodes of What Not To Wear and I got all caught up on House, I read the textbook for one of my classes next semester. But it's just not fun like it used to be.

Final snow total: 3.5 inches. I'd take pictures, but it is 10 degrees outside. Way too cold to go out.

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