Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lost, lost, lost. I've lost my marbles.

It's been a while since I've had a good gym story. Don't worry, I'm still going every day. I have actually been to the yoga class several times now. I really enjoy yoga, although last Friday, the lady had us doing some way crazy things that made me totally sore.

Back to today. There's a pretty large contingent of old women who come in about the time that I am at the gym. Most often they come for the "Silver Water Aerobics" class. I finished my run and walked back into the locker room, to find two old women had opened every single locker in the entire locker room (other than the 3 that were locked).

They were talking loudly to each other as they proceeded to another side of the gym to open more lockers. Then one finally yelled, "Does it have a pink towel in it?"


"Then I found it. It's right here."

The second lady slowly walked over and got her things.

Then a Susan, another old lady, walked in to the locker room. She walked over to where I was and said, "Why are all the lockers open?"

"Well, that lady lost her locker. So they had to open all of them to find her things," I said.

"And she couldn't close them again?" Susan responded. "That's how I was raised. You leave things better than you found them. You don't go leaving everything wide open."

I thought it was pretty funny. And old people are funny because they won't whisper when they are talking about someone.

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