Monday, July 27, 2009

You got a C-plus? I can't believe I cheated off of you.

Another funny high school story for you. Today was the assigned reading day, so I gave the kids time to catch up. Surprisingly, there are a few (like 2) who have finished the book, so I let them work on other things.

One sat writing for a little while, and then got out his cell phone. And was texting. So I just said, "Put the phone away." He said ok, and then moved his hand below the table. I said, "No. Put it away, not put it below the table."

He gave that huge, obnoxious-teenager sigh, and then was like, "But I'm typing my paper! Seriously, you can see it."

I totally didn't believe him. So I said, "Fine, bring it here."

He really was typing his paper. On his phone. His reason: "I can type so much faster on this thing than I can on a computer."

My response: "I have never seen that before." Oh, obviously I should insert here that this was not an iPhone or a Blackberry or anything fancy. It was just a little flip phone like the ones my parents have.

So I asked the whole class, "How many of you type your papers on your phones?" At least 7 of them said that they do. They will type it on their phones and then just email it to themselves.

And then I read the papers that they turned in today. And thought, well, typing it on the phone sure explains a lot.

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