Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spicy hot. Like salsa.

Two funny stories for you today.

I had the high schoolers write stories yesterday, so today I had them read the stories out loud. One began his story this way, "Once upon a time ago..." Instead of reading his own story, he made the girl beside him read it. She's a good reader and was doing voice inflections, which made it sound something like "Once upon a time, ago. Wait? What?! Once upon a time ago? Do you know what you wrote?!"

Second story. I was just eating salsa, because it's just that good, and noticed that under the lid of my Pace salsa jar, it says, "David Pace believed that his picante sauce made everything taste better. Including his coffee. That's not a serving suggestion, it's a fact."

I agree. Salsa makes everything better.

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