Thursday, January 14, 2010

The sadder but wiser girl for me.

I was at an activity the other night, and we were playing getting to know you games. One game was "two truths and a lie." I decided the best thing to tell about would be my extensive job history. So I told them that I started working when I was 16 at Wendy's, that my 2nd job was at a library, and that I loved my job at a plant nursery.

As they were guessing, someone said, "The library is the lie."

And someone else responded, "No way, she's the perfect librarian."

And I was left standing there thinking, wait, perfect librarian like this:

Or like this:

1 comment:

  1. wait you've done all 3 of those... is it just a lie that the library was the 2nd job?

    remember when you're manager sent me home a frosty? good man. ooh a frosty would be delicious right now. I need to start my hunt for gelato