Thursday, January 21, 2010

You're doing recon work on our anniversary?


the yearly recurrence of the date of a past event

Today is an anniversary. It has been five years since I came back from Italy.
Well, technically, five years
ago today I got on a plane to return to the States, I didn't actually arrive until tomorrow.

I'm not really into anniversaries. There aren't any that I celebrate, but this one always makes me think. I still miss Italy, I miss the people that I knew there, and I miss the work that I did.

Besides nostalgia, I spend the week of this anniversary wondering what I've done with the past five years. What have I got to show for this passage of time? So here are some things I have and have done with my time.

Material things:
A nice car

My House

Other things:
A Master's degree
An Office and the office means that I have a job. It's a good job and I really like it.

Places I have lived:
Raleigh, NC
Boone, NC

Places I've been:
New York
The Beach
Nauvoo, Illinois

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  1. dang, you've done a lot with your five years...