Thursday, March 4, 2010

Heid! Move!

My students are being hilarious this week. And really, what's the use of good hilarity if you can't share.

Class number 1
Yesterday, I walked in and they were practically comatose. I sighed and tried to make up for it by being more interesting. Then I made them read a bit. We were discussing thesis sentences, so I asked them for a topic to write about.

One said, "Food."

The other students immediately start talking. One is going on and on about a chili cheese coney. One is talking about McDonald's french fries. That starts another talking about cheesy fries.

In the middle of all this, the student who first suggested food makes a strange movement, and then gets up and switches his chair with the one next to him. I looked at him and was just said, "Are you ok?" Because it's a little odd to switch your chair in the middle of class. He said, "It just broke."

Everyone busted up laughing, because he seriously did break the chair.

After a minute we go back to food. And one of the students says to me, "You eat really healthy don't you?" I responded, "Well, yeah."

"You're a vegetarian, aren't you. You look like a vegetarian!" he proclaimed.

I thought for a minute, and then said, "You're just saying that because I don't break the chairs aren't you?"

"Nah, if I didn't eat any meat I'd be as skinny as you."

Class number 2
Today I went into my class, and the topic of discussion was Steven Johnson's book Everything Bad is Good For You. If you didn't read that in college, he says that everyone claims popular media is bad, rots your brain and all of that, but in reality our popular media is getting more complex and making us smarter. Our section focused specifically on video games.

After a half hour of really good discussion, someone brought up the games on Facebook, and that was the end of the good discussion. After Facebook was mentioned everyone jumped in with yeah, my mom is on Facebook now, and groups, and fan pages.

A student mentioned that he had a Facebook friend become a fan of "the cool side of the pillow." And another student immediately jumped in with info about a new invention that keeps your pillow continually cool. And that it's basically the best thing ever.

I said that I had in fact seen that. But I thought it was just totally weird, because I don't have that problem.

Everyone just stared at me. And then he said, "Well, you have a little head. There are more places on the pillow for it to go."

I really didn't have a response to that.

Another student called him out on it, and he was like, "It could have been worse, I could have said she has a huge head like me."

I started cracking up, thinking of this scene:

Fortunately this student is my age. So when I said, "It has it's own weather system," he responded with "That boy's head's like Sputnik!"

Good day.

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