Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Uh-huh, and the fact that laughter has ten times the energy of scream had nothing to do with it.

A few of my favorite things:

*** One ***
I bought a George Foreman Grill last weekend. It's pretty delightful.

*** Two ***

Carla sent me this

My favorite part -- On the elevator, "First day of parole."
And it's not in this clip, but when she imitates people eating popcorn at the movie theater.

*** Three ***

And my students told me about a new radio station: 24/7 Comedy. They just play clips of standup routines all day long.

Yes, I'm the person driving down the road laughing hysterically. Sorry if I swerved.

I'm also the person sitting parked inside my own garage with the car on, just so I can hear the end of the bit.

One of the first I heard was this from Chris Rock about marriage:
Marriage is tough, man. Marriage is real tough, man. Marriage is so tough. Nelson Mandela got a divorce. Nelson Mandela got a divorce. Nelson Mandela spent twenty seven years in a South African prison, got beaten and tortured every day for twenty seven years, and did it with no problem. Made to do hard labor in hundred degrees South African heat for twenty seven years and did it with no problem. He got outta jail after twenty seven years of torture, spent 6 months with his wife and say I can't take this no more!

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