Saturday, June 4, 2011

Not a hard worker. I can spend all day on a project and he will finish the same project in a half-an-hour.

Since Heather headed home, I have ... spent some time on the couch watching movies... and I have also been doing projects.

First project: Clean out my closet.

Look at how pretty and organized it is now. I took a huge bag of clothes and two bags of shoes to Goodwill. I also went the next day and got another basket, so it is getting better and better.

Project two: Reusable Grocery Bags

I was browsing the Martha Stewart website and came across this project.

Good Thing: T-Shirt Bag

I thought this project was a great idea. I hate my collection of plastic grocery bags, so I like the idea of reusable bags. But I hate the bags that the grocery stores sell because they are too big, so they get too heavy, and they touch the floor when I try to hold them in my hand instead of over my shoulder.

In cleaning out my closet, I found a few t-shirts from NCSU that I don't wear anymore, but I just hated to give or throw them away. I also found a shirt that I love to wear, but shouldn't because I spilled on it (so embarrassing).

So I grabbed my shirts and started cutting and sewing.

The finished bags.

Trying to show it full.

Look at how well that works.

Project three: Repot/transplant a few veggie plants

These just didn't fit in my original bed, so I spent some time this morning and got them all potted up.

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