Saturday, June 4, 2011

You remember what daddy used to say: "God gave you a big sister instead of a brain."

Heather came to visit me over for my birthday over the Memorial day weekend.

***Warning: This post is a bit of a travelogue. Can I entice you to read by saying there is a cute story at the end? Probably not. If you aren't interested in travelogues, stop reading.***

Our visit started out with an adventure -- her flight was cancelled because of tornadoes and I got stuck in the Walmart. Lame.

Then she really did arrive. Yay!

On Thursday, we went to see Pirates 4.

It was awesome! I Captain Jack Sparrow.

Then we went to a new sushi place.


On Friday, we went to the Diana exhibit at Union Station.

Click For Details

It was really cool. They had her wedding dress, which took up an entire room by itself. It is totally not in style anymore, but it's still pretty amazing. They also had things from her childhood. It is interesting to see totally normal photo albums just like my mom has in her closet. The last room was all of her clothes, and it explained the different designers and how her style evolved.

It was a really cool thing to see.

Then we went to a super fancy chocolate place in a super not fancy part of town. Then we went to the Plaza, where we shopped and ate at a restaurant called Ingredient. The salad bowls could easily be described as vats! They were huge. (And of course I ate all of mine).

We were hoping that the picture for Saturday would be an "after" picture of my front walk. We did get 2 bushes out! Yay for super strong Heather.

Then we went to some different fabric stores. Heather is looking for curtain/drape material. I didn't know there were such fancy fabric stores around here.

And we went out for sushi again.

I got a Groupon for a sushi place downtown called Nara. (If you aren't signed up for Groupon, you should be, so click here).

It was a very fancy sushi place, where Heather got a roll called the "Corn Dog." It was delicious.

After that we went to some shops, and then went to the super cheap theater and saw Limitless. I really liked it, and Bradley Cooper is pretty.

Sunday was a totally chill day. Heather and I did some therapy for her homework, and then I tried to get her hooked on Modern Family.

Then Monday was my birthday. We had a leisurely morning and laughed a lot when I opened Jamie's present.


Then we got ready and headed out to the ballgame. The Royals were playing the Los Angeles Angels. When I told my dad who was playing he said, "Well, two bad teams, but hey! someone has to win!"

I found a special deal on Travelzoo. (Yes, seriously another site you should subscribe to.) I got close seats for $13!

See how close we were?

We're having fun!

Throughout the game they did special messages for the troops for Memorial day. That was nice. It was an afternoon game or they probably would have done fireworks after. (A note on afternoon games -- sit on the 3rd baseline, then you'll be in the shade).

The game itself was super exciting. The Angels were up first, and then the Royals scored 3 home runs in the first inning.

And they did it again in the second inning!

Everyone was jumping up and down cheering. The only things that were missing were the great Japanese umbrellas.

The Royals stayed ahead the entire game. Until the 9th inning. And then they threw it all away. Final score: Angels 10, Royals 8.

Now for the cute story of the game. During the breaks between innings they have people play all these silly games. So they had the game guy pick a girl and set her up to play one of the games. Then he said, but first, we have to watch a little video. So they turned around and played a video on the jumbo-tron. It was her boyfriend who is military asking her to marry him.

Then the game guy said, "Don't answer yet. You haven't seen him in a year right?" She said, "Right." And the game guy said, "Well, since it's been a year, I think you should get a look at the ring before you answer. So if you'll just come over here."

He turned her around, and her guy (in full military garb) was standing on top of the dugout.

And she said yes.

AWW.... Actually, I think there might have been some eyerolling, but because he was military, it was more acceptable.

After the game, we went home and Heather cooked me a fancy birthday dinner.

We had veal with a rosemary-garlic marinade, fried rice, a basil-tomato salad, and cherries, blackberries, and plums for dessert.

It was a great visit. We had a good time and talked and laughed a lot.

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  1. heather didn't like modern family??? Cary and I just recently got sucked in. We think it's hilarious