Friday, March 6, 2009

How you doin'?

Spring Break! Yay, it's spring break!

All week I have been getting ready for spring break and getting more and more excited to go on my trip to New York City. But thinking about spring break just makes me think about an episode of Friends.

Do you remember the one? Ross is dating his college student, that little tiny girl whose name I cannot remember. She tells him that instead of going on a trip he planned for the two of them, she is going on a spring break trip with her friends. Ross, typical Ross, gets really worried, and tells the rest of the gang. They all try to reassure him, except Joey, who asks, "Is she going on spring break? Or is she going on Spring Break WOAHLAAHAAWOO!" [This of course is said with much head jerking for emphasis].


And because I kept thinking of this episode of Friends, I tried to find it and post it here. Obviously, I couldn't find it. But I have two observations to make about YouTube and Friends. First, people are nuts with the Ross and Rachel thing. There are tons of video montages of Ross and Rachel's weirdo relationship. I gotta admit, I liked Joey and Rachel a lot better than I ever liked Ross and Rachel. Second, Joey is just hilarious.

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