Friday, March 6, 2009

"What are they?" "Flours." "What?" "I brought you flours."

It seems like everyone has written about the weather this week. It was brutal on the East Coast with a ton of snow, while the West Coast enjoyed some beautiful spring days.

Here in the middle, we started the week with brutally cold temperatures, and 3 inches of snow on the ground. But yesterday and today were just beautiful. Despite the nice warm temps, I still thought this was a teaser, and I haven't been holding out hope for spring. Probably because everything looks like this:

But I went for a little evening constitutional. (I finished my laundry and, you know, I have to work on my steps). As I was walking through a little neighborhood of houses near my apartment, I saw a forsythia bush growing along a fence. Now, really, this forsythia bush looked like a bunch of dead twigs. But something caught my eye, and I looked a little more closely.

(Those of you with a keen gardening eye may realize that this is not forsythia. I couldn't find a picture that showed a forsythia at this point, so this is a dogwood.) I noticed the tiny buds, just starting to form, holding inside the promise of a beautiful brilliant yellow bloom. And I thought, that bush will be beautiful. With that small thought, I suddenly feel hope for spring, it will happen, even here in the middle. There will be beautiful warm days, there will be beautiful plants to add color and variety to a completely barren-looking landscape. And I am grateful.

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