Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's from the Latin 'vacatio' and means, you know, freedom and release - you might want to consider that next time

So much to update, I don't even know where to begin.

Spring break was fabulous. Well, there were a few tense moments that I hope my sisters have forgiven me for, but I really had a good time. New York was fun, Carla kept saying that she felt like she had been to all these places before because we have seen them in so many movies, and I kept looking at things and thinking "Is that the real ______?" Thanks for Heather's careful planning, we really got to do almost everything we wanted. The one notable exception is we didn't go up the Empire State Building, because there was zero visibility that day. Boston was really cool, they have a really good science museum, and we got to go on a little campus tour of Harvard. (Carla was unimpressed).

In celebrity sightings, we saw a play starring Angela Lansbury and Rupert Everett. And then, as we walked down the street to the Met, we saw Uma Thurman.

My favorite moment was walking back to our hotel in Boston at about 10:30 at night. We were talking about opportunity costs and what we spend money on, and I mentioned that I did buy a new coat this winter, because it was super on sale. Heather asked what it looks like, and I said that it is black and white, which is super popular right now. Carla busted up laughing at me, because of course what I said was ridiculous, so then we were just walking down the street laughing and laughing.

Any post about vacation isn't complete without a good airport story. Here's mine.

My roommate drove me to the airport on Saturday morning. While we were driving, she started the conversation on how many trips I have been on lately. She observed that I have been on a lot of trips. This is entirely true, I have flown 6 different places in the past year. And that number doesn't factor in the trips that I drove on. I probably have a huge carbon footprint.

We got to the airport and I checked in. I still choose to check my bag, even though those scammers now charge $15. It's just too much of a hassle to deal with carrying it, finding space for it on the plane, and to try and carry only 1 ounce bottles of any liquid inside a plastic bag. So I checked my little bag, and carried it over to the security check point. The security guy took it and said, "I've seen you around here before." I gave the response I usually give when strangers talk to me, "Yup," and walked away.

But then I wondered. Have I really been on so many trips that the security guy recognized me, or was that some kind of attempt at a pick up line?

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