Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One too many hits with the snake.

A lot of stuff going on these days, but the only thing anyone wants to talk about is the weather. Here in the middle it is truly crazy. To explain, it snowed 4 inches on Saturday, after sleeting for about 4 hours. And it thundered while it was snowing. Can someone explain to me why that is such a bizarre phenomenon? Thunder during a snowstorm? I mean, it's still a storm, and it thunders all the time during rainstorms.

On a school note, it is definitely that time of the semester when everyone just starts driving you crazy. These days, only half of my classes are bothering to show up. I've finally narrowed down two reasons why that is so irritating. First, they ruin my lessons. Second, I know that they will act surprised when I fail them, and then they will come cry or ask their mommies to call me, and it's just so ridiculous.

Today was probably a ... lowlight. A major paper was due today. Only 10 students showed up for class. Only 5 of those students turned in their papers. I tried to be excited that I only have to grade 5 papers. But honestly, most of those papers are really bad. It's hard to get excited.

On a non-school note, I registered for a half marathon. It takes place one week after my birthday. Happy birthday to me. A coworker told me about the course and apparently it has huge hills, maybe that's why they call it the Hospital Hill Half, so I'm a little more nervous. But if the fat boys on the Biggest Loser can run a half marathon, I certainly can.

This is very rambly, because I didn't really have anything to say, I just didn't want to grade anymore.

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