Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hello Newsies, what's new?

So many new things to blog about. I am getting out there, being involved. Ok, not really, but I made an attempt.

On Friday, I went and got my haircut. I took the advice of a co-worker on where to go, and it was good because I could just walk in. It was rather an interesting place. It is a very large salon, like a Mitchell's or something, but also a very large beauty supplies store with all the fancy brands like... Bb, and Paul Mitchell, and others that I don't even know (because I buy the $2.00 shampoo at Wal-mart). The salon part was very nice. But the stylist was horrible! A few things to know about me so this story will make sense: 1. I have very thin hair. Very, very thin. 2. I have rosacea on my forehead. This is a strange rash that just looks like a group of zits. But it's not, and it is kind of sensitive.

My stylist apparently did not understand how to treat thin hair. At all. As she was styling, she gunked a huge amount of some really sticky gel through my hair. Of course, this just weighed it down and made it really, really flat. Which she then tried to counteract by using one of those gianormous, really prickly round brushes and ripping most of my hair out. That was entirely ineffective. So she teased my hair. Literally. I am absolutely not in any way exaggerating. She took a comb and teased my hair! Hello! Teasing was banned in like the 1970's. It has never come back in style. After she teased my hair (for some volume, as she told me), she still didn't like how my bangs look (because she did a bad job of cutting them), so she proceeded to sweep them off to the side, clawing my rosacea numerous times in the process. I am left trying to figure out if I can return to that salon and request a different stylist, or if I have to completely cross that one off the list.

The second new thing I did was try to find a gym. After getting a couple suggestions from co-workers, I went to a 24 hour fitness. It seemed nice and big, but I wasn't going to committ right away. So the young man showing me around (and trying hard to sell me a contract), gave me a pass for 14 days free. Awesome. I am not the kind of girl to ignore a free pass, so I have been going to the gym all week. They sure know how to sucker you in. At the time I want to go, it isn't busy, there are plenty of machines, never a wait for the shower, and I like the gym. I like running on a treadmill so I know exactly how far and how fast I ran (a 9.13 minute mile - woo hoo). I also like weights. Makes me feel so buff.

Third new thing, and possibly the one I am most excited about. Background: My grandparents came to visit me yesterday. They are living (for another 2 weeks) in Illinois, so they drove down yesterday afternoon and left again this morning. I feel kind of bad, because it is a long drive, especially when you stay less than 24 hours, but they didn't seem to mind at all. They told me, as we were planning the trip, to pick a restaurant to go to for dinner. As mentioned in other posts, I have food allergies, so this is not always the simplest thing. But a co-worker (don't I have such good co-workers?) told me that there is a pizza place (that also has pasta and salads) that serves gluten-free pizza and pasta. I have been looking forward to trying it, so I suggested it to my grandparents and they agreed. Best pizza ever! They thought it was a really long drive out there, and it was longer than I thought. But it was totally worth it.

I have been reading all these food blogs (see my favorite things), and so many of these gluten-free people write these fabulous reviews of going to these restaurants and having waiters who step up and know exactly what they can and cannot eat. The gluten-free person will ask one little question, like can I have the salad without croutons? And the waiter will say, let me make sure that your salad is in no way contaminated by the bowls, utinsils, etc, and I know that you need to choose this dressing or this dressing because they are the only gluten-free options. I have never had that happen. Ever. But last night, I ordered a gluten-free pizza, with the tex-mex toppings. My waiter said, Great, but we will have to substitute ground beef for the chorizo so that it is gluten-free for you. I was amazed. And the pizza was fabulous!

Trying new things is tiring.

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