Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You know the difference between you and me? I make this look good.

Yesterday, I forgot my belt.

You may be wondering how this happened (and more likely, why it is newsworthy). It happened because I joined the gym (and I'm loving it) and I get dressed for work at the gym. I forgot to put a belt in my bag. While I will be the first to admit this is way better than the time I forgot my bra, or the time I forgot my towel, it was nonetheless kind of irritating.

I dried my hair, and then stepped back so I could see myself in the mirror, so I could try to decide whether I had to go home and get a belt. I couldn't decide, and there was a girl standing next to me drying her hair, so I said, "I forgot my belt. Do you think I have to go home and get it?" She looked at me (not the "you are a crazy person" look, but a genuine appraising sort of look), said, "Turn around." [Pause as I did so] "No, you're fine." Ok, thanks!

And I left the gym, continuing with my morning commute to work.

Well, I didn't factor in that I would be at work for the next 9-10 hours, and that my pants would grow! I was finishing class at 7:45 pm, and my pants were at least a full size bigger than they were when they started the day. I kept pulling at my shirt so that I wasn't constantly hiking them up, but it was a real problem.

I remembered my belt today.

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