Friday, October 31, 2008

Anyone can write anything they want about any subject. So you know you are getting the best information possible.

It feel like time to write a new post, but so much has been going on that I don't even know what to write about.

The major excitement is that my sister is visiting me again today for the second weekend. I know she thinks they are overrated, but yay for business trips! We had a ton of fun last weekend, and got to explore my new city a little bit more.

In addition to the cool WaterFire show we went to (I'll post some pics at some point - which I can do now because we hooked up my internet last night, even though it really frustrated my roommate), we rearranged the living room. After watching HGTV, I asked what my sister thought of the new apartment. She simply grimaced. I know, right! So we got a little gung-ho, and rearranged the whole thing. I was really worried that my roommate would flip, but she seems to like it.

I had a lovely dinner with my grandparents who passed through town on their way home on Monday night. I will not spend time here extolling the virtues of Carolina Barbeque as opposed to all others. Let it simply be said, Carolina BBQ is better. As evidenced by the fact that the majority of the week was spent under the dark cloud of a gluten reaction. I haven't had an episode that bad in a year (I can actually tell you the last time, it was Thanksgiving, and I went to a potluck dinner). It actually took me a little while to figure out what was so horribly wrong because it's been so long. Good news is this morning I feel waay better.

And a funny class story for you, to top off the week's news.

We are working on arguments in all of my classes. So I have required them to do research (I'm hoping this makes the arguments more reasoned and less inane blather). I have a simple lesson on research and choosing valuable sources. To begin this lesson, I like to show a clip from "The Office" when Michael Scott talks about wikipedia. "Wikipedia, is basically the best thing ever." So I showed it to my first class, and to set it up, I asked "Do you guys watch 'The Office'?"

No. Not a single person.

Ok. I can overcome that, some background on "The Office" and why Michael Scott is just funny. We watch the clip.

"What's wikipedia?" the students ask.

WHAT?! Ok. It's a fluke. I just misjudged my demographic here. That's all. It is after all my slightly older class, the majority are between 25 and 45. That's why.

I try it with the next class. It's a day class, they are mostly 18.

No. Same reaction.

Same reaction in every single class! At most I had 2 students per class who knew what "The Office" is and what wikipedia is. So rather than a quick introduction to evaluating sources, it wound up being a long introduction to "The Office" and wikipedia, and a short discussion of other sources.

Less than effective. I might have to retire the clip.


  1. WHAT?!!?

    I just told my roommate about this blog, about how your classes didn't know about the Office or Wikipedia, and she was stunned, and said "How can you go throughout life without knowing what wikipedia is?". I second the statement. If you taught went to any class here and asked if anybody watches the office, probably 80% would say yes. And everybody would know about Wikipedia. Man. I'm still amazed.

  2. I know! That's why I had the whole clip planned. And at App, all my students watch the Office. Weird, weird place. Weird people.

  3. Holy cow, i am seriously disturbed by missouri right now.

    Umm 100% of provo utah watches the office and almost the same amount as attempted to pass off wikipedia as an actual source in a college paper (ha i know... i live with a bunch of smart ones...)