Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If I cook the stuffing inside the turkey, can I kill all my dinner guests? That's not necessarily a deal-breaker.

I was getting so excited for Thanksgiving. You know, I'm the kind of person who can just really embrace a holiday that's all about eating. To prepare, I've been watching the Food Network, basically all the time. They are doing all kinds of Thanksgiving specials. I watched Paula Deen fry everything possible (which frankly is a little gross, and I think Paula is pretty annoying), but I enjoyed watching Rachel Ray doing Thanksgiving in an hour (while she is also annoying, it's an idea I can get behind). I watched some spiky haired guy make pastrami turkey, which was a little weird. But they were all just fascinating.

I have also been doing a bit of recipe searching. Of course, I can't eat all of the traditional Thanksgiving fare, so I have been searching for recipes to do some alternatives. My sisters have given me gluten-free cookbooks, so I am trying to decide between yogurt-apple pie and pumpkin pie. I know, just make both right?

So, I was getting excited. I like trying new recipes. And I am planning on going down to the Plaza for the Christmas lights show that they are doing.

But then my students asked me if I am going home for Thanksgiving. I responded that no, our break is too short and it is too expensive, so I am staying here. And they all said, oh no. And I was sad. And then I talked to my mom, and my littlest sister is very sad, so that made me sadder again. And then I talked to my office mate yesterday. He started the conversation and said, "So when are you going home for Thanksgiving?" And I said I'm not.

"What?! That's terrible! Why?"

So I had to explain the whole thing, and I was even sadder. Now I am not excited.

But there will be pie.

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  1. ha ha i hear ya! I'm making 5 pies! To eat by myself :) oh and katie made the gluten free flour tortillas out of the one cookbook and they turned out really good